citroen xsara picasso interior bicycle protector

Xsara Picasso interior Lights (Dashboard, Climate-control, Radio-CD, Steering Wheel)

Citroen Xsara Picasso, 2.0HDI, 2000 Dashboard instrument cluster is modified, it has 5050 type LED strips behind.

Citroen Picasso Boot Light Bulb Change

Citroen Picasso Boot Light Bulb Change.

DIY Cómo restaurar salpicadero con vinilo

Restauración de salpicadero vinilando la consola central.

Horseshoe Nail in the Tire (Xsara Picasso)

Don't remove the nail from the tire, it will deflate much faster; - Drive slower and with increased caution till the destination or the nearest service/vulcanization point!!!; - The tire...


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