citroen xsara picasso interior bicycle protector

Overspeed Warning Inactive (Xsara Picasso)

This warning message appeared after the car's 12v battery was disconnected and reconnected. You can set a maximum speed limit, if you exceed this you will ...

Fix Air Bag Warning Light Always On Citroen/Peugeot Berlingo 2003 & Others

2017March Update: The Chinese have now copied this idea (well done them) and put the resistor into a module that simply plugs into the air bag wire.

Paintless Dent Removal: How to Remove a Dent From a Car | Craftsman

Wondering how to remove a dent from a car without ruining the paint? Jay Bolanos shares his tips and shows you the tools you need to perform a paintless dent ...

How To Check Tire Pressure

Recommended tire pressure for Xsara Picasso is around 2.3 bar. Slightly higher if you are carrying a heavy load (2.4 bar front and 2.7 bar rear).


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